vip triple room

From: 4,266,000 تومان

Today : 1402 12 08


Shahneshin and the special three-bed suite room located on the top floor of the hotel and in addition to the mentioned facilities, it also has a TV. The view of the elite room is complete with the beautiful and green space of the yard and pomegranate, fig and cypress trees. The beds in the room are in the form of a double bed and a single bed. The air conditioning system of the room uses the latest VRF technology.

Handwoven Kashan carpet, silk pillows, traditional quilts with natural cotton and velvet top with different colors have given a special effect to the space of each room. All the rooms have a bathroom and a bathroom with exquisite handmade tiles with unique designs.

The existence of a beautiful pond with geranium pots has created a suitable environment to spend a pleasant afternoon drinking coffee or reading. A yard with objects and tools such as gas burners and copper samovar, clay dishes and jars, and a weaving machine (a type of fabric weaving made of hair or silk that is being forgotten in Kashan) and various architectural decorations such as plastering on arches and mirrors, Chinese knots And the sash door and window are used in this house with special elegance, which besides beautifying the space and creating peace, provides a very pleasant memory of this beautiful place for its guests.


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